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a campfire jam at the intersection of art, music & technology
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Dragging Rectangles (2017)

Cosmic Brain
February 10
What if you could just describe the interface you wanted?

A Perfect Circle

In the winter I tripped, fell down a rabbit hole, and unexpectedly found myself in some of the most exciting social circles I can remember. I’ve been in technology for over a decade at this point: long enough to have once been wide-eyed and optimistic, to have spent many years wandering through a period of alienation, and to have seen the light once more.

Crafting Cohesive & Collaborative Spatial Social Software for Patrons' Permanent Pondering

A few weeks ago, in between watching talks at Figma Config, my roommate & I were reminiscing about the “good old days” of design conferences that we had independently frequented in Europe.

Why I am optimistic again

When I became disenchanted with technology in the spring of 2018, it shattered the mythology that I had spent my 20s immersed in.

Divine Multimedia Transmissions 0001

Cosmic Brain
March 18
Divine Multimedia Transmissions 0001 is a stream-of-consciousness verbal essay about creativity, interdependence & self-expression as a spiritual practice; performed with a live soundtrack & visuals